Chapter 11 Part 2 | Chasing That Train

January 12, 2024. Lincoln, Nebraska. Pinnacle Bank Arena. SmackDown. All Bayley had to do was catch that damn train. Instead, as has become the norm Bayley eat The KOD and got pinned by Bianca Belair. Bayley claims to be the leader of Damage CTRL. She loves to brag about all the things she does on her own even when it's her stablemates who actually do them. WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY made it abundantly clear last week: Bayley calls herself the leader so it's Bayley's responsibility to handle Bianca. Bayley failed, letting the team down.

Twice during the match between Belair and Bayley. That was the count of times Bayley whined about her stablemates not interfering in a match she was told to handle on her own going into it. The first time she complained about a lack of interference, she nearly got scooped up in The KOD. The second time set up her own downfall. Asuka, Kairi Sane, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai did their part giving Bayley verbal support. Bayley failed to do her part and win on her own.

IYO was having words with Dakota Kai backstage after the match when Bayley barged in to complain about not fulfilling her own responsibility. Kai pulled her aside and reminded Bayley that she will have to win the Women's Royal Rumble Match all on her own. Bayley made the stronger together excuse. Dakota told Bayley to forget about the match she lost and focus on winning the Royal Rumble. Our Captain reassured Bayley that Bayley's got this. Now, that is how a true leader leads. No whining or complaining from Dakota, just solid encouragement.

Bayley better come through for Damage CTRL at the Royal Rumble. Not for herself because she isn't important. She must do it for her betters... the team, specifically IYO so her champion can move onto new opponents instead of that never-ending pain in the ass Bianca Belair. And so she can try and bring the Women's World Championship to Damage CTRL like she vowed to do. You all know if she were in Bayley's position, Dakota Kai would come through for her sisters. Bayley herself once said Dakota is always right. Bayley best heed what Dakota told her.

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