Chapter 11 Part 5 | Treasure Island

January 26, 2024. Miami, Florida. Kaseya Center. SmackDown. Bayley is so hilariously awful it isn't even embarrassingly funny. She paid someone off to make a video package in which she bragged about herself and unfairly took all the credit for Damage CTRL's accomplishments. She conveniently left out other stuff like her trying to screw IYO SKY over at Money in the Bank. Bayley claims she'll win the Women's Royal Rumble then the Women's World Championship at WrestleMania. She better. Not for herself but for the good of her betters, Damage CTRL.

On Royal Rumble Eve, the spotlight was on Asuka & Kairi Sane challenging WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance. WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY, Dakota Kai and Bayley accompanied them onto the stage. IYO instructed that screwup Bayley to stay backstage with Dakota and her because Kairi and Asuka had this one. Dakota knows those pipsqueaks Carter and Chance well, having often beat them up during their time in NXT. It was her wisdom enlightened upon Asuka and Kairi that crowned them the new tag team champions.

This Chronicler wants to make a point about some recent matches. IYO SKY retained her title against Michin clean without asking for or needing any assistance. Asuka and Sane won the tag team titles clean without asking for or needing any assist. Only Bayley whined and complained for assistance against Bianca Belair in a match she was well-aware was hers to win on her own. Bayley lost that match due to her whining to Damage CTRL, thus taking her focus off Belair.

Dakota and IYO rushed out to celebrate with Asuka and Kairi. Bayley came with, trying to steal the spotlight for herself by being the first to hug the new champions. They blew her selfish ass off. Rightfully so. Asuka and Kairi only embraced Dakota and IYO who are their true Sisters in Damage. Not the instrument. Yes. That is all Bayley is. An instrument who if she can win the Royal Rumble will only have because of Dakota Kai's recent encouragement. Win or not Bayley's comeuppance demands she must pay a violent price. Only time knows when and where.

On The SmackDown LowDown, Bayley ruined an emotional celebration for Asuka and Kairi to brag about her stupid video package. Dakota had enough and tried to sneak away but Bayley boasting about a Royal Rumble win kept her present. Silence fell upon the room. Even Dakota who gave her instrument encouraging words recently knows Bayley is a loser more than a winner. Still, Dakota being a true leader put her hand over Bayley's hand for a show of unity. The others did so begrudging with Bayley literally maneuvering Asuka's hand on top hers.

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